Busy vs. Productivity

March 1, 2015

getting nowhere

You are doing what you do because you care about people and their well being or perhaps because you’ve been through something painful and you would like to help people avoid it…either way, it’s a passion you have within you. One that energizes you ….typically. If you feel like you’ve lost passion for your business or you’re super busy but nothing is resulting, I challenge you to take a step back and do a self evaluation. Here a couple of questions that may just bump you back on track:

1. What was I doing that kept me energized in the beginning and am I still doing it?

Many times we get started and we’re energized because we’re seeing clients and helping people. That enthusiasm attracts people…you’re not stressed because you’re working…but when things slow down because you’ve added more to your plate, your creativity and enthusiasm dwindle. And while you may have a few loyal clients, you notice things are starting to dry up. Here, you have to figure out how to remove that extra stuff…it could mean outsourcing some of the work or hiring an assistant.

2. How many clients am I seeing?

While you’re working this business because you love to help, you also know it’s how you earn your living. Little to no clients means no paycheck….bills can pile up, stomachs can go empty…that’s a stressful place to be. Here the key is to minimize stressors by doing what you used to do (or develop a new plan of action if the old is no longer working) that kept your sales funnel full.

3. Am I busy and productive or just busy?

We’ve all fallen into this rut…it happens mostly when you’re uncertain about your goals and how you’re going to attack them. You find stuff to keep you busy but if it’s not bringing in income for you, is it productive? This too can be a stressor as you feel like you’re spinning and getting nowhere (like the hamster wheel above). It’s time to get back to the basics. Organization, planning and an accountability partner and/or mentor is key.

4. Am I living up to my tagline?

What is your business tagline or elevator pitch? Is that what you find occupies most of your time? If not, it’s time to refocus. I used to have a network marketing company and the Why is what they talked about most because the experienced knew how hard it could be to stay focused, on track and not get discouraged during the tough times. Whatever the reason you started this business…it should be what pulls you out of your tangent and allow you to refocus. Write down your WHY and post it throughout the house.

Naturally this isn’t an extensive list; it’s a starting point and it keeps you from overwhelming yourself by trying to tackle everything at once. I learned in one sales conference I attended that “a confused mind says no”. (Dani Johnson)

Here’s an example of how being overwhelmed can make you stuck or your mind say “No”. Picture going into the electronics store, do you have the image in your head yet? Okay now read the two scenarios below:

Scenario A:
You: Hi, I’m looking for an electronic device
Salesman: Oh yes we have it right here. Then proceeds to tell you all of the intricate techy stuff about the item. But you don’t talk tech…
You: Great thanks! Let me think about it.

Scenario B:
You: Hi, I’m looking for an electronic device
Salesman: Oh yes we have it right here. That’s a good choice, I hear a lot of people like that model.
You: Great! I’ll take it

The moral of the scenarios is, don’t overwhelm yourself, be patient with yourself as you learn to navigate and regain traction. Aren’t you patient with your clients while they are learning and gaining traction in their new world that you’ve exposed them to?
If you’ve gone through this list and still feel stuck, let’s talk and see if we can’t get you unstuck together. It’s time to regain your enthusiasm and energy wouldn’t you agree.
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