Cyber Monday for Service Businesses

October 16, 2014

Cyber Monday Who says Cyber Monday has to be for retail businesses only? A service based business can take advantage of that as well. Why not? It’s a great time to build the client base, rekindle with past clients and keep current clients energized.

For health coaches, it’s a great way to introduce new services you’re offering to existing clients and an awesome way to get people off the fence to work with you. People thrive on incentives and love to get good deals, they like to know/feel they are getting more than what they’ve paid for. While I don’t recommend dropping your hourly rate, I do encourage adding to what you’re already doing as a Cyber Monday only special. Giving a handout for free or reduced price is one way you can do that.

Have you used Cyber Monday to your advantage in the past? If so, please share your experience. What worked and what didn’t?

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