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August 30, 2014


I was reading the other day on how to better improve my facebook marketing/advertising myself. I’ve gotten pretty good results so far but there’s always room for improvement. By the way, I don’t have anything against paying someone to do your marketing for you but I do believe if you know what to look for and how things work prior to hiring someone, you can ensure you hire the right person for the job because you can ask all the right questions.

After a lot of reading and researching, I have narrowed down some tips for you (it can get overwhelming!) I have just 3 tips I will share with you today, more to come later.

*1 – Newsfeed vs. Right-hand Column

Did you know that 60 percent of all users are visiting Facebook on their phones and tablets? If you’ve accessed Facebook from your mobile device you may notice that there’s no right-hand column that you typically see when accessing from your computer. What that means to you as an advertiser is you can’t afford not to focus at least some of your advertising on News Feed placements.

Check out the add stats for mobile advertising on Facebook here: http://mashable.com/2012/06/19/facebook-mobile-ads-study/

Facebook’s Power Editor is what you need to ensure your ads get into the newsfeed (specifically Page Post ads, Page Like ads and Sponsored Stories). These types of ads are called premium ads. There are 3 ways you can purchase premium ads -IO, Power Editor or API. The Power Editor is the most user-friendly of the 3. It’s different than the ads dashboard you’re used to, but there are plenty of resources to help you learn how. By the way, you can only access/install the power editor using the Google Chrome browser (as of this post).

In submitting your ad, the main feature you’ll want to pay attention to is the “Placements” feature, which enables you to take any ad (like a Page Post Ad – my favorite) and select whether you want it to go to your users’ Desktop News Feeds, Mobile-Only News Feeds, or both. When you choose one or both of these options, your ad will ONLY be seen in the News Feed and not in the right-column.

*2 Lead Generation Using Facebook Offers

Offers are a great way to build out your email list. Plus you, your fans and soon-to-be-fans win! What’s awesome is facebook now allows offers for both brick and mortar as well as virtual businesses – take advantage.

I highly recommend using an Offer to promote a FREE giveaway in exchange for users’ email addresses. This puts you in their email inbox with their consent 🙂 Stay in front.

To a point I made in a previous post, landing pages are really useful. Set up a simple landing page for your giveaway that requires an email and a name, and then create an Offer (with an enticing thumbnail-sized image) that will send them to the landing page. Promote a Post directly from your Fan Page wall using that thumbnail (for more targeting options, go into the ads dashboard instead).

To drive sales instead of leads, try promoting to current fans (pin it to the top of your Wall for an extra push) offering a specific dollar discount or free option.

*3 Increase Sales w/ “Custom Audiences”

There are times when the conversion goal for an ad campaign is simply to sell more. Wouldn’t you agree that the best way to sell more is by targeting your current followers (your email list)?

In the past, there was no convenient way to sync your email list with your Facebook marketing…that has changed! Facebook has added a feature called “Custom Audiences” which enables you to upload your email list directly to Facebook. Now when you set up an add, you can select that list as a “custom audience”.

Implement these 3 and see how your conversions improve. Please share your experiences and/or questions here too! Until next time!


Best and to your success,



4 commnets on “Facebook Business Advertising & Marketing

  1. I’m going to try it! Have you ever had issues with FB approving your ads? Seems this is getting more strict. I haven’t personally had ads denied but a few of my friends say they’ve had issues. Thanks for these tips!

  2. Nicole says:

    Hi Stephana,
    When I did an image ad it was disapproved once because I had too much text but I was able to correct and get it approved. Let me know how it goes! 😀

  3. Sherri Mraz says:

    This was very helpful! Thank you for the tips!

  4. Nicole says:

    You’re welcome Sherri! 🙂

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