Having Expectations – Good or Bad?

January 15, 2015

I read an article the other day about having expectations…at first read, I was all up in arms because it stated that unhappiness is caused by having expectations. Naturally my curiosity forced (yes I said forced) me to continue reading. It went on to state that “Dreams, hopes, and an optimistic attitude are the stuff that leads to happiness”.

I pondered that for a moment…as I softened my stance and became more open, I totally understood where this author was going. The words Dream, hope, and optimism produce a feeling of presence and looking forward to the future. The word expectation sounds stuck….we all know in business, things can change very quickly. If you’re expecting….stop. Plan as best you can and hope for the best…be flexible to roll with the changes and you’ll get through obstacles with greater ease…and the lesson will be learned a lot better. I noticed that when disappointment results from an unmet expectation, I tend to become disappointed again from the same expectation. Not helpful wouldn’t you say?

This article came at the right time for me because I’ve had soooo many roller coaster rides in my personal life lately. It was a great reminder…think I’ll go stretch now lol!

I hope your new year is starting off great! I will also post this to the Healthy Handout blog because I would love to hear your thoughts.

Peace, blessings and awesome growth in your business,

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