Partner Program Health Coach Spotlight – Sherri Mraz

August 30, 2014

It’s not every day you have the opportunity to pick the brains of a self-made local celebrity who has won awards and been published in magazines.

Meet a Healthy Handout resident expert, Sherri Mraz. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sherri about how she became a health coach and some of the challenges she faced. If you’re stuck in your business and looking for ways to grow and expand. You’ll want to read what Sherri had to say.

Q: What prompted your decision to become a health coach?

“I studied to be a spiritual practitioner then I added Yoga instructing to my practice. I had been doing that for 3 years before an IIN catalog which caught my eye. Reading about the school helped me to discover what that missing piece of my program was…it connected the dots to my current practice and enabled me to put the package together.”

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in the field that you’ve overcome?

“Marketing and building a new following when I relocated. …we all have this passion and caring….but having to grow the business aspect was a big challenge. And even more so when I moved to a location where I didn’t know anyone. During that time, the recession hit and health coaching became a luxury. I had to find a way to make it work as this was and still is my sole source of income.”

Q: What did you do to overcome it?

“I designed and implemented a group program that utilized a cookbook I had written. I met with clients twice a week via phone. The cookbook I wrote supported the group and kept the program flowing. Over the course of years, I was able to grow my practice. I believe the group approach worked because it didn’t require a high price point which enable more people the opportunity to join. Naturally, I let everyone know that individual sessions are also an option.”

Q: What is your niche?

Working with mostly women who trust there is a spiritual connection that will help them obtain better health by eating food as God created, teaching them how to keep things simple, and listen to their body.  Cookingyogi promotes the body mind connection through the food. Lately, I’ve moved more towards corporate programs.

Q: What 5 tips would you like to share with the health coach community that would help other coaches in their practice?

  • network, get out, get connectioned (even local connections)
  • hone your networking skills, perfect the elevator pitch
  • promote yourself by writing and donating articles, try to get press on everything you do. If you’re going to a school, write to the newspaper about it
  • stay consistent, keeping your presence in front of people
  • don’t strive for perfection and hold yourself back, putting things out there that will make you money. Social media presence but not selling anything, you’re spinning your wheels
  • figure out your strength and weakness and hire someone to do the rest.

Sherri provided a wealth of information. If you’re interested in helping your clients eat better by preparing their own meals easily, you can find Sherri in our health coach directory.

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