Maximize Your Tax Deductions

March 1, 2015

business expense Most small business owners do their own taxes and while online software such as Turbo Tax make it easier, there’s still a learning curve because quite frankly we didn’t go to school to learn all these tax laws! And even though we’re guided through deductions, I still wonder to myself if I’m missing something…could I deduct more. I’m pretty cautious because if I’m ever audited, I want to make sure there’s no question as to what I did. So I bring this up well for one because it’s time to get your taxes done (if you haven’t already) and two because I found a helpful article listing 75 items that are common deductions. If you wonder if there is anything else you can deduct, this article may be useful to you. It also provides backlinks to IRS’s page for further explanation. I hope this helps 🙂 Read the article here.

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