Plastics-What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You

June 22, 2014

After learning how dangerous plastics can be and in response to demands from mothers to product safer plastic containers, the industry designed plastic types that were considered safe and did not contain BPA and phthalates (the two harmful chemicals found in plastic). These chemicals have been known to interfere with the way your body produces and handles estrogen.

Let me go off on a tangent briefly…don’t worry, I’ll get back to the point in a moment.

Using products that interfere with the way your body handles estrogen, coupled with producing your own and ingesting it in foods causes your body to enter into an estrogen dominant state. Here are a couple of reasons you don’t want that to happen…then I’ll get back to the blog (promise!)

  1. Excessive belly fat (men and women)
  2. Thought to be responsible for many types of cancer (prostate, uterine, breast – to name a few).
  3. Could interfere with brain health affecting your memory or recall
  4. Can create a zinc deficiency which will prevent your body’s ability to properly utilize vitamins A and B-6. In turn this could lead to conditions such as indigestion, depression, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and accelerated aging

Different blog post on this to come…


Okay back to the main article. According to guidance we have received, the containers with the recycle triangle containing the number #2, #4, or #5 are safe to use. I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS….


There was a study published by the journal Environmental Health Perspectives concluding that 95% of plastics today really are not safe. Here’s how the study went:

– 455 plastic food containers purchased (including baby bottles). All made from different types of plastic. Some were the ones considered “safe” as mentioned above. All plastics were filled with substances mimicking food then subjected to 3 types of stress tests: microwave heating, moist heat (dishwasher), and UV light (left in car of bottle sterilizing machine). The result – there was a measure of some type of estrogenic chemical that leached from approximately 95% of all the plastics tested (including 100% of the food wraps and 98% of the plastic bags). Looks like we’re going to have to go back to the old fashioned way of doing things – or minimizing the use of plastic wherever you can. The researchers found that there was still some leaching of these chemicals when not under any type of heat stress.


This is just one reason detox is so important (kind of a big deal don’t you think?). Detoxing your liver is the first step. If you’re liver is full of toxins and fat, it can’t help you properly detox your body. Keep your clients informed…Happy cleansing!

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