Quick tips to ensure your clients, you and your family survive the holiday season

October 24, 2015

Keep your clients focused and motivated

  • If you have clients who want to continue to work with you during the holidays and you agree to it, perhaps offering shorter sessions will be just enough motivation to keep them focused.
  • Offer simple fitness tips they can incorporate into their shopping and running around routine (i.e. parking further away, )
  • If you haven’t already, work on developing intrinsic/internal motivation by focusing on past successes and building off of that
  • They’ve been working with you for a bit and have developed new healthy habits. Without a plan, one falls back into old ways easily; help them think of plan B for any worse case scenarios so they’ll be prepared. Using the SMART acronym will increase success rate.
  • Continue to provide praise and support using a technique called “Effective Praise”. This identifies what the client did well to achieve the desired result so they know what to focus on repeating to keep getting that result (or better)


Keep you and your family sane

  • If the holidays are huge for you and your family there are some things you can do if you feel you can’t completely stop working
    • Set specific office hours by posting it on your website and reaching out to your clients directly so that everyone knows when it’s “their” time (I know…the trials of being an important part of so many lives!)
    • Let your site continue to capture leads while you’re spending time with family. Do you have a pop up or automatic campaign set? Do you have special promotions to draw new clients in? If not, you still have to time plan a campaign.
    • If possible, set an out of office reply for your inbox…the key here is communicating with all involved

    ON A SECURITY NOTE: In your “time off” messages, don’t announce that you won’t be home … just set the expectation that you may not be getting back as quickly as you would during the regular season.

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