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Quick tips to ensure your clients, you and your family survive the holiday season

Keep your clients focused and motivated If you have clients who want to continue to work with you during the holidays and you agree to it, perhaps offering shorter sessions will be just enough motivation to keep them focused. Offer simple fitness tips they can incorporate into their shopping and Read More

Focus On Your Strengths

I feel bad for saying this but I think our school system has it wrong. They expect each student to do very well in each subject. Aren’t we all wired differently? Then why do we push working on your weaknesses rather than focusing and enhancing your natural strengths? I believe Read More

March Product of the Month

As you know we highlight a different product of the month and give it a very special limited time price. This month is the Mindful Eating Workshop. Take advantage of our 1/2 off special with code ME50. Members, check your inbox for your 75% off code.  

Busy vs. Productivity

You are doing what you do because you care about people and their well being or perhaps because you’ve been through something painful and you would like to help people avoid it…either way, it’s a passion you have within you. One that energizes you ….typically. If you feel like you’ve Read More

Maximize Your Tax Deductions

Most small business owners do their own taxes and while online software such as Turbo Tax make it easier, there’s still a learning curve because quite frankly we didn’t go to school to learn all these tax laws! And even though we’re guided through deductions, I still wonder to myself Read More

Should small businesses keep their fan pages after this new change takes effect?

According to the news update on Facebook, there was a survey conducted and users “wanted to see more stories from friends and Pages they care about, and less promotional content”. What is meant by promotional content? “According to people we surveyed, there are some consistent traits that make organic posts Read More

Having Expectations – Good or Bad?

I read an article the other day about having expectations…at first read, I was all up in arms because it stated that unhappiness is caused by having expectations. Naturally my curiosity forced (yes I said forced) me to continue reading. It went on to state that “Dreams, hopes, and an Read More

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Health Coaches

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you don’t have a plan, you’re going to start the year off playing catch up. Check out my Holiday Marketing Survival Guide. There are 25 tips super savvy suggestions to boost awareness and plant a seed preparing your clients for January when they’ve Read More

Cyber Monday for Service Businesses

Who says Cyber Monday has to be for retail businesses only? A service based business can take advantage of that as well. Why not? It’s a great time to build the client base, rekindle with past clients and keep current clients energized. For health coaches, it’s a great way to Read More

The Power in Pinterest for your Business

Interesting Pinterest stats and how they apply to your health coach business 1. 57% of Pinterest users interact with food-related content and its said to be the number one category of content. (source Compete) – As health coaches, we have a major influence over the way people view and eat Read More