Anti-Aging Workshop

August 11, 2014

This 45-minute teleclass script teaches your clients an anti-aging lifestyle from the inside, and from the outside. It covers everything from Superfoods and free radicals to skincare and sunscreen. To make the teleclass a full 60 minutes, just add a Q & A for 15 minutes at the end of the call.


What You Get With “Anti-Aging and Healthy Skincare”:

Detailed Outline

* 4 Client Handouts to use as bonus gifts

* Word-for-Word Teleclass Script

Want To See A Sample Of “Anti-Aging and Healthy Skincare”?

Here are the Handouts….

1. Aging Foods List

2. Anti-Aging Foods

3. The 13-Step Anti-Aging Program

4. How To Choose A Healthy Skin Care (or Body Care) Product

Here are a few examples of the handouts:

Anti-Aging Workshop |')"> Anti-Aging Workshop |')"> Anti-Aging Workshop |')"> Anti-Aging Workshop |')">        


Here’s the Outline…..

1. Welcome and introduction

2. Housekeeping: Instructions for conference line, muting, unmuting, etc

3. Soft sell for health counseling

4. Inflammation response

5. Explanation of the anti-aging process

6. The free radical theory

7. Antioxidants

# Vitamin C

# Vitamin E

# Carotenes

# Flavanoids

8. The internal anti-aging program

9. The external anti-aging program

10. Guidelines for how to choose healthy skin care products

11. Closing

12. Bonuses

It’s a Mac Daddy of a workshop with a subject that generates millions of internet searches for “anti-aging”. If you’ve been looking to add a few podcasts to your website, this is a great one to consider because it appeals to everyone over the age of 30!