Complete Detox Your Clients

August 11, 2014

Are you a health practitioner who is interested in offering a detox program to your clients? But you don’t have the time or the energy to create a detox program from scratch?

This program has everything you, and your clients, need. Starting with a word for word 45 minute script on How to Detox. Clients will sign up in droves to hear about how to detoxify their bodies, and learn where toxins come from, whether they need to cleanse, and how to detox safely. The sales script is built in to help you convert listeners into your Detox Program!

Once they sign up, send them the 60+ informational guide which contains information, tips, and juice/detox drink recipes, along with a suggested Detox program. The guide has plenty of information for clients to formulate their own customized program.

The only things you CAN’T do with this program is:
Share it with other health practitioners to use in their practices. The rights for use goes only to the person whose name is on the reciept due to copyrights.

ALSO, this program contains SIX detoxification/cleanse worksheets to help them plan their program, record their progress and goals, and stay accountable. The worksheets include:

  • Detox Diary
  • Detox Meal Tracker or Planner
  • Weekly Detox Tracker
  • Self Reflection Worksheet
  • Overcoming Detox Obstacles
  • Detox Goal Tracker (w/ suggested goals)
  • PLUS a BONUS motivational healthy word cloud poster for motivation.

This program ALSO includes 14 articles about detoxification that you can use to send to your clients daily if you are hosting a two week program.

Here’s how you can use a program like this:

  • You can sell it on your website, promote it to your newsletter subscribers, and offer it to your list as a way for them to improve their health.
  • Break it up into a 5 week e-course, and accompany the program with any cleanses or supplements which you may be affiliated with to double your returns!
  • Offer it as a free e-program to entice more subscribers to your mailing list
  • Use it a free bonus for clients who sign up for your program.
  • Put together a teleseminar or webinar(either for free, or you can charge for it) and read the information.
  • Bundle it together with other products (supplements, cookbooks, etc) or services (such as massage, yoga, pilates, etc) you may have to create a package deal

Here’s what’s included in my “How to Safely and Effectively Detox Your Body” guide:

  • A 60+ page guide which explains the in’s and out’s of cleansing and all the healthy details and suggestions (All you have to do is customize the cover page by adding your company name, logo and website, and add your footer). Guide includes detox drink recipes, a menu plan, body wrap recipe, etc. (see table of contents below)

This complete “ready to go” program is for you if:

  • Your clients are interested in learning how to cleanse in a way which is safe, effective, and in accordance with your holistic philosophies and beliefs
  • You would like to offer your clients a detox program
  • You’ve been meaning to get around to creating a cleanse program but haven’t gotten around to it
  • You’d love to have more products and programs to offer to clients, but are too busy or intimidated by the creation and marketing process
  • Creating products and increasing your streams of income was on your Marketing Blueprint Plan this year

Worry no more, use this 60+ page guide as your own. You can edit, add and/or delete to your heart’s content. I recommend adding your company name, logo, and website to the cover page and footer. Other than those small tweaks and customization, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with a cleanse program which will pay off several times a year when prime cleansing season rolls around!

Grab yours today and start offering it to your clients tomorrow!



Introduction 5
Section 1: Getting Down to Basics With Detox- Knowing and Doing, Knowing How and Other Detox Fundamentals 5
There are Several Types Of Detox Diets 6
A Sample of a Seven-Day Detox Diet That You Can Try 6
Sample Menu of a Detox Diet 6
What are toxins and detoxification? 8
Clarifying Detox 8
Detox Treatments 9
Ways Detox Can Help 10
Health Conditions Aided by Detox 10
Detox Components 11
How the detox process for metals works 11
How we are exposed to harmful toxins 12
Unidentifiable side effects that occur with the process 13
Toxic Exposures 13
Section 2: Detox Demystified – From the Inside Out, Not the Outside In 14
How To Detoxify 14
Detox Programs that should be viewed with caution 15
Recommended Healthy Foods 16
Herbal and Natural Products 16
Cleansing, Cleaning, Flushing and DETOX Basics 17
Natural Detox Enablers 17
Colon, Liver, and Bloodstream Cleanses 19
The Clean, Clear, and Cleansing Plan 20
Section 3: Practical Implications of DETOX 21
Healthy detox tips 22
Dietary advice for DETOX 23
Diet and Nutritional Plans 24
General Detox Diet- 24hr Detox Diet Plan 25
Keep Unnatural chemicals additives and irritants out 27
Rid your body of lingering problems 27
Detox can protect you from 28
Different people have different sensitivities to DETOX 29
Optimize your chances of DETOX success 30
Successful Detox checklist 30
Be aware of your key strengths 33
The Detox Plan 35
Who should NOT detox on their own 36
Elements to avoid or get rid of 37
Recipes 53
Homemade gel-wrap recipe 53
Juice Fast Recipes 53
Home Made Detox Drinks 54
Resources and Online Links 60

Here is what one customer had to say after buying this complete product:

“I found the detox program easy to customize to my business and implement for my clients as well. It’s a great way to get a group program up and running quickly that is affordable and attractive and you don’t even have to leave home! I ran it twice and it helped me bring in a nice side income of $1357 and enhanced my own knowledge on the importance of detoxing and ways to do it too! I would recommend the program to any health coaches or practitioners who are interested in offering a quality way for clients to detox that will help grow their business.”

Angela Minelli


Was $227 now only $197