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August 11, 2014

3D-Cooking-Class-sm Cooking Class |')"> Announcing a Way to Finally Create the Passive Streams of Income You’ve Been Dreaming of Enjoying

How long have you had “Write a Cookbook to Sell online” on your to~do list?

Create Additional Streams of Income by Selling Your Healthy Recipe Book from Your Website, and at Workshops, Teleseminars, Health Expos, and Cooking Classes!

Health and Wellness Practitioners, Coaches, Nutritionists, Chefs, Holistic Practitioners and Healers,

If you’re in the health and wellness field, you know that health starts in the kitchen! Your clients probably love to eat, and they’re looking to you to provide them with recipes that aren’t only healthy, but also taste DELICIOUS.

How many times have you seen professional looking information products on your COLLEAGUES websites and thought that you needed to get on the stick and follow suit?
Are you tired of wishing that you had a FANTASTIC product that you could sell at corporate workshops, lectures, classes and expos?
Have you dreamed of holding your own cooking classes but weren’t sure how to get started, where to hold your classes and how to do them with little effort?
How long have you wanted to have a book of healthy and delicious recipes that you could offer to your website visitors which made money for you ’round the clock?
Do you currently offer information products on your website but want to expand your offers and increase your sales?

Take it from someone who makes thousands a dollars a month in passive income from products that sell themselves on my websites, you can easily get started with creating passive income streams without stress or frustration.

I’ve been in your shoes. I used to feel overwhelmed and confused about how to get started with creating products that would be irresistible to online buyers. Heck, I wasn’t sure about how to even kick off the creation process let alone how to know whether my efforts would be a hit that created countless cash.

My biggest fear was spending days and weeks producing a product that might turn out to be a complete waste of time.

Recipes are one of the hottest topics when it comes to the Web. The reason is because everybody eats! And most people LOVE to eat, and try new recipes.

Consider how many cooking shows, cooking reality shows, and cookbooks there are. People are OBSESSED with food, cooking and recipes.

Recipes Can Bring LOADS of Traffic to Your Website

Whether you’re a blogger, health and wellness pro, or have a foodie related website, adding the keyword “recipes” is a great way to increase traffic to your site.

To prove it to you, I’ve done a quick search of the term “recipe”. Take a look at how many times per day the keyword term “recipes” is searched out online:

That’s over 30 MILLION searches per MONTH!!!

That’s a LOT of searches isn’t it? And this number doesn’t even take into account ALL of the search engines, so this number is actually MUCH higher.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that my point here is that Recipes = Mucho Traffic.

Once you have attracted all of that traffic to your website, you have a fantastic opportunity to convert those new and hungry website visitors into sales, profits, clients, subscribers, affiliates, or anything else you’re interested in leveraging.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have access to Done~For~You products that you can put to work today to start turning a profit starting now?

If you could design your own DREAM Done~For~You Cookbook, which of the features would you LOVE to be included?

  1. You didn’t have to write the recipes yourself
  2. You didn’t have to pay a small fortune to have someone else to write them for you.
  3. You could edit the recipes as you wished, or leave them as you found them because they were already in line with your philosophies and beliefs.
  4. You could divide them up; add them to other recipes you already have, and pretty much do whatever you’d like with them to create a product, program, client resource or something else.
  5. They could easily converted into a variety of formats: ebooks, printed books, videos, teleseminars and audio courses.
  6. Would be equally tempting to online buyers, website visitors and also in~person.
  7. A turn~key product from resource to bonuses.
  8. Offered marketing strategies and templates.

If you checked off any or all the wish list items above, I have great news for you! All of these features are contained in the resource I’m sharing with you today.

There were TWO services that I leveraged as part of to get tons of media attention and attract loads of clients to my business. Those two services were my Healthy Grocery Store Tour, and my Healthy Cooking class.

While these two services were wildly successful, I discovered that many of my clients wanted to have access to my recipes and would ask if I had a cookbook to offer them.

So I got to work and put one together.

But now for the first time, I’m letting you, my health and wellness colleague, take a HUGE shortcut to self publishing your OWN recipe book!

What You’ll Receive

The Healthy Cooking Recipes comes completely formatted for you as a professional and well organized product which is ready to be put into use by you immediately.

We have set it up for you by including a professional border, liability disclaimer, page numbers, table of contents, title page, and professional graphic designed cover!

We have included all the numerous features you would expect to have in a professional website ready product.

You will be proud to offer this to your individual clients, group program clients, and workshop participants. It couldn’t be any simpler. We’ve done all the writing AND packaging for you, all you have to do is start using it!

As you can imagine, it took me hours and hours and HOURS to collect all of these recipes. It’s a complete resource that you can use with your clients as a part of their programs, as a service all by itself to attract new clients, as well as corporate wellness contracts, and even position yourself as a local healthy cooking expert.

Here’s what people say about our resources:

“Hi Cheryl, I just want to thank you for your great resources. So, far I have purchased two resources; the Mindful Eating package and just recently, the Detox in a Box. As a new wellness coach, launching the business can be very time consuming (as you already know). Your resources allowed me to focus on my launch, my marketing and my business while at the same time, having awesome proucts that I could use for my workshops. There was no way I could develop these products while learning the ins and outs of marketing and running my own business. I recommend your resources to anyone that is needing content, newsletter materials, articles or awesome, ready to go, teleseminar scripts. Your products allow wellness coaches, like me, to focus on helping people, and stop worrying about finding time to write and research teleseminars. Thank you”


– Tracy Oleson

“First, I need to say that I find Cheryl’s e-zine and tips extremely beneficial. I really appreciate her ability to provide tips and tools for my business as well as share her products. So often I get e-mails that are just trying to sell me something where Cheryl is very genuine in providing tips to really help me grow my business and sell her great products at the same time! I even have a folder just for e-mails from her that I want to save.
I have bought several products from Cheryl and have not used all of them yet but the one that I have used and really thought had some great information was the Stress Buster package. I loved it because I was able to customize it to fit me as well as use it as is. It was very easy to use and had a wealth of information which ultimately saved me time in preparing for my workshop. I love the fresh spin she puts on different topics too! Because Cheryl consistently provides great tips for free in her e-zine I feel confident that no matter what product I purchase from her will be beneficial to me, my clients and my business. I am looking forward to utilizing the other products very soon! Thanks so much!!”


– Carrie Saba

“I wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I appreciate your workshop materials! They are impeccably researched and well organized, with loads of good content. They have made my life easier a few times when I have a last minute workshop come up. As an information junkie, they also provide something for me to use as a base of information and then add my own “style”!
Please continue to provide us Health Coaches with this valuable resource!!”


– Holli Thompson

“Thanks for reaching out! Honestly I was so excited to order your weight loss package since that is my primary struggle around fully supporting my health coaching clients. They make so many amazing changes and realizations in our work together and many do lose weight, however it seems that those who want it the most, do not.
Your scripts are amazing! Absolutely jam packed with information.”


– Corrina Richards

Here are just some of the ways you can profit from this product:

Why Reinvent the Wheel?

This resource is my personal cooking class, recipe book, and marketing strategy all rolled into one!

Here is what we’re including for you so you can get started putting your company on the map:

  1. My tried and tested recipes
  2. Ready to sell formatted ebook
  3. Cooking class outline
  4. Cooking class script
  5. Ingredients and Health Benefits Handout
  6. Marketing Ideas
  7. Cooking Class Location Ideas
  8. How To Stock a Healthy Kitchen Handout
  9. Some REALLY cool bonuses, read on for details

“Sounds Cool Cheryl but How Can I Make Money with This?”

Great question! And here’s the answer:

There are a variety of money making and profit producing techniques that you can put into place now that you have your cookbook product pulled together and are ready to reveal to the world.

Here are just a few ways to monetize your new resource:

  1. Sell it from your website
  2. Sell it on other people’s websites
  3. Offer an affiliate program
  4. Upsell from health consultations, workshops, teleseminars, health food store tours, cooking classes, etc.
  5. Add your affiliate links to the book
  6. Use as bonus for programs and services
  7. Sell as a product from health expos and corporate health fairs
  8. Offer as a bonus to strategic networking partner’s programs and launches

Buy Now! Only $197!

We Often Get This Question:

Q~ Can I edit, add, and/or customize the recipes and bonuses?

A~ Absolutely! You can add, edit, delete, and customize to your heart’s content! Make it your own, add recipes you love, take out any ingredients or recipes that you don’t. You can even combine the vegetarian recipes into the Smart Cooking book if you like. It’s completely up to you how to personalize these resources to make them your own.

Order this package TODAY, and if within 7 days you don’t think the package is suitable for you and your clients, simply email us and we will gladly refund your money…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Hey Cheryl! You Got Any Bonuses For Me Today? Okay, as you know I usually include some amazinggggg bonuses, and today they are especially fantastic.
If you order TODAY, I’ll also throw in:

Bonuses are always a smart way to seal the deal with internet marketing, so I’ve included bonuses that YOU can use as bonuses to sweeten the pot and increase your sales.

Bonus #1: Top Chef Insider Cooking Secrets Successful recipes depend on following a recipe to the letter, but it also helps if you know some secret Chef behind-the-scenes techniques and skills for added guidance and confidence in the kitchen! This ebook gives professional cooking tips, strategies and techniques that you can use as a valuable bonus or upsell. You’ll probably learn a few new tricks yourself from this highly informative and valuable kitchen handbook. (A $97 value)

Buy Now! Only $197!

But That’s Not All……

Bonus #2: Press Release Template Making a splash with a new product launch can get a big push start if you can successfully attract media attention. To give you a HUGE helping hand here, I am including a template for the exact same press release I used to promote my cooking class and new cookbook. (A $97 value)

Bonus #3: Vegetarian Recipe eBook A perfect bonus for someone who is interested in buying healthy recipes is MORE healthy recipes, you dig? So I’m including a second ebook of VEGETARIAN recipes! (A $97 value)

Values of Bonuses

Top Chef Insider Cooking Secrets $97 value
Press Release Template $97 value
Vegetarian Recipe eBook $97 value

Total value of the BONUSES alone if you take me up on this generous offer TODAY is $197!!!

Here’s to your Cooking Class success,
Cheryl Heppard

“The products that I have purchased have been completely informative and huge time savers in my business! It’s great to have resources to work from rather than starting everything from scratch and there is plenty of room to personalize them and add my special touch. I have found Cheryl’s marketing advice to be hugely valuable. As a refuge from a digital advertising and search engine marketing background, I love how Cheryl provides spot on recommendations that are consistent with best practices. Even better, her advice is tailored to the health and wellness field. It’s difficult to find internet marketing guidance that is so specific to our field.”


– Andie Jones

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