Meal Planning Workshop

August 11, 2014

Meal Planning 101

Expand Your Services With Ease Using Meal Planning 101!

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Easily Attract More Coaching and Corporate Clients
By Positioning Yourself as a Meal Planning Expert!

Get Your Hands On This Pre-formatted Meal Planning Guide
You Can Have Up & Running On Your Site
Within 5 Minutes Flat!


Dear Fellow Health and Wellness Practitioners and Experts,

How would you like to expand your services by leveraging an essential service that you might already be touching on with clients, but not capitalizing upon?If your answer to that question is yes, you’re in luck my friend, because we’ve just put the finishing touches to a Meal Planning 101 resource that you can start using within the next 5 minutes…This resource has been designed to do one thing, and one thing only…help you increase profits byattracting more clients.

It comes pre-formatted as a professional and well organized guide that is ready to be put into use by you immediately. We have pre – formatted it for you with a professional border, liability disclaimer, page numbers,and cover! We have included all the numerous features you would expect to have in a professional ebook guide. You will be proud to present this to your individual clients, group program clients, and workshop participants. It couldn’t be any simpler. We’ve done all the writing and packaging for you, all you have to do is start using it!

You can create a whole service around this product, as a resource for your clients and workshop contractors. Offer this guide for sale as a way to make workshops and cooking classes profitable!

Use this guide as a give away to your paying clients, and also offer it as a service all on it’s own by adding Meal Planning sessions to your website services page. Learning how to effectively meal plan is an in-demand service as you will soon discover.

How else can you use this resource?

  • cooking classes
  • lunch and learns
  • lead attraction teleseminars
  • website podcasts
  • group coaching programs
  • corporate wellness lectures and workshops
  • individual client sessions

Use this workshop script as a live workshop or promote it as a teleclass to build your list, then offer the podcast as a product on your website.

This guide is PERFECT for adding your own affiliate links for equipment such as blenders, Vita-Mixes, vegetable steamers, and other resources. Adding affiliate links is a great way to boost your bottom line profits even further.

Here’s what one client had to say!

“I wanted to say that I love the Menu Planning resources and they came at a perfect time with school starting because moms are looking for way to “beat the food system”. I even took advantage of applying for a Community Education opportunity in which I’m teaching a menu-planning workshop for parents & college students. I will be using the templates to conduct an interactive exercise so participants will leave with their first week’s worth of menus and shopping list! Everyone is encouraged to bring a favorite “quick & healthy” recipe so that will give us our first set of menus.”

–Myra Mastos

Here’s The Resources You’ll Get TODAY:

  • 17 page Meal Planning 101 Guide

  • Additional handouts: Grocery Shopping List template, Daily Meal Planner, and Menu Planner

  • 12 professionally designed Powerpoint slides

  • Detailed outline

Topics covered in this comprehensive guide include:
•Where to begin
•Create your shopping list
•Create your meal planner
•Meal Planning tips
•Create a Meal Menu
•Grocery Shopping Tips
•Determine your Budget
•Money Saving Tips for Shopping
•Kitchen Tools
•Cooking Tips

I’m selling this complete Meal Planning 101 Resource Package for the ridiculously LOW investment of just $177!

Tomorrow may be a different story depending on when you discover this package. All you have to do is click the Add To Cart Button below, and pay the CRAZY LOW $177 investment for this resource which took me weeks to create but you can access in minutes with Paypal, it’s that easy, and it’s TOTALLY risk free!

All the files come in .doc AND .pdf form, so you can use everything exactly as it is, or edit whatever you want and add your name and website as a footer to the tools and resources.

Order this package TODAY, and if within 7 days you don’t think the package is suitable for you and your clients, simply email us and we will gladly refund your money…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Okay, everybody gives out bonuses, so if you order TODAY, I’ll also throw in:

TWO Bonus Handouts:

  • How to Read a Label
  • Cheap and Healthy Foods

So, not only do you get a sexy 17 page Meal Planning Guide, an outline, three handouts to be used as planning templates, PLUS a professionally designed powerpoint, you ALSO get TWO added resources you can use
as additional handouts.

How long would it take you to create all of this information on your own?

All for the CRAZY LOW price of just $177! Just ONE client will you back how many times over?

Here’s to your Meal Planning 101 success,


P.S…If you don’t know much about meal planning, this guide will teach you everything you need to know so you can teach your clients how to change their lives for the healthier by utilizing effective meal planning strategies and tools!