Mindful Eating Workshop

August 11, 2014

Mindful Eating Workshop

Nutrition workshop

Help Your Clients Discover the Healthy and Mindful Eating Secrets They Can Use to Lose Weight & Feel Better Than They Have in Years … Without Starving Themselves or Giving Up Their Favorite Foods!


Dear Health and Wellness Coaching, Experts, Practitioners and colleagues,

Although this program is geared towards use around the major holiday season, it applies to and can be used any time of year. The truth of the matter is that it’s easier to slack off and coast through the holidays than to come up with creative marketing ideas that actually WORK to attract clients and keep your pipeline filled well into the New Year. Well the New Year has passed but that doesn’t have to stop you from using this workshop to build that momentum.

In this day and age, people are even busier, more stressed, and when the holidays hit, it gets worse…people are sometimes, a little out of control. . . .

NOW is the perfect opportunity to help clients gain control and support them with eating healthy and mindfully now so that when the holiday season arrives you’ve showed them that it doesn’t have to be a challenge – and there are some quick and easy steps and strategies they can take to balance themselves so they can avoid the holiday bulge, resist the eggnog and gain control, and still enjoy the holidays and avoid a “pay the price” restrictive New Year diet.

Finally. . . .

The Secrets to Mindful Eating Are Revealed!

With all the foods on the market claiming to be low-fat or fat-free or cholesterol free and with all the conflicting research that one day says a particular food is bad for you and the next says it is good, deciding how to “eat healthy” can be extremely difficult. It’s no wonder everyone is so confused.

With your Mindful Eating: Holiday Survival Guide to Avoid the Bulge you will provide clients with all the tips and information they need to know to eat mindfully over the holidays and avoid the holiday bulge once the New Year arrives.

How else can you use this resource?

  • cooking classes
  • lunch and learns
  • lead attraction teleseminars
  • website podcasts
  • group coaching programs
  • corporate wellness lectures and workshops
  • individual client sessions

Use this workshop script as a live presentation or promote it as a teleclass to build your list, then offer the podcast as a product on your website.

Here’s The Resources You’ll Get TODAY:

  1. 11 page / Holiday Survival Guide to Avoid the Bulge: Simple and Satisfying Strategies for Mindful Eating (One hour to one and a half hour of content with group interaction questions)
  2. Additional supportive handouts:
    • Ready, Set, Lose
    • 7 Essential Tidbits
    • 38 Foods To Boost Your Brain Power
    • How big is a serving?
    • BMI general guidelines
  3. Detailed Fill~in~the~Blank Workbook Study Guide: Use our workbook/study guide as a pre-workshop handout to encourage your registrants to show up! It also will help to keep them attentive, and absorb the information you’re presenting. Corporate contacts LOVE learning materials. Put your contact information in the workbook so prospective clients can easily contact you after the workshop.

We’ve also included fantastic handouts that you can offer as useful take~aways, or as marketing tools on their own. These handouts also will easily accompany a wide variety of other workshops or programs. Clients and corporate contacts LOVE worksheets and resources! Put your name and website on these also:

Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')"> Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')"> Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')"> Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')">        

“The Holiday Survival Guide” contains the tips, techniques and secrets your clients need so they can avoid gaining weight over the holiday season, and possibly even lose weight and start the New Year with a healthier lifestyle.

With this workshop content you’ll teach workshop participants how to:

  • Lose weight
  • Improve their health
  • Skyrocket their energy levels
  • Stop junk food cravings
  • Think more clearly
  • Sleep better
  • Be far more productive in life!
  • And more!

[Healthy Handout ]”offers supportive and innovative business and health related co programs to the individual and the professional business entrepreneur. I encourage you to purchase one of her programs, a teleclass or personalized support program to experience the high quality of what she offers. You will benefit personally and professionally!” ~Amie Hall

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with your resource purchase, simply notify me within 7 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

Thanks to my Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose. . . in helping your clients who have everything to gain!

Grab your Mindful Eating workshop resource now and we’ll also include these bonuses!

  1. Shop Wisely Using Coupons and other Specials
  2. Happy Holidays: 15 Healthy Tips. This is excellent to use as a holiday give away to clients and workshop participants! Beautifully formatted, just add your contact information and start giving it away as a marketing tool. Perfect as a leave behind in coming months!

Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')"> Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')">

Mindful Eating Workshop | http://healthyhandout.com')">

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